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Rating IMDb 7.5/10 - 5,044 votos

Original title Major Crimes

Duration 60 min


Release 13 Aug 2012

Origin USA

Languages English



Awards 1 win.

genre New Movies,TV Shows

N/A Sinopsis de MAJOR CRIMES SEASON 1 – HDTV (2012)


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Season 03, Episode 1 – “Flight Risk”
Family secrets surface when a father and his two children go missing in the Season 3 opener. Also: Trust issues come into play when Rusty takes suspicious trips on his own.

Season 03, Episode 2 – “Personal Day”

Shorty after being released from prison, a man who proclaimed his innocence is found murdered. The victim’s case is reopened and the squad works hard to solve a seventeen-year old murder. To the surprise of Raydor, Rusty confesses the reason behind his recent suspicious activity. Kathe Mazur and Ransford Doherty guest star.

Season 03, Episode 3 – “Frozen Assets”
A wannabe detective helps the division probe the slaying of a dog that was left a $20 million estate by his deceased owner. As the squad digs deeper into the case, suspicions rise about the death of the dog’s wealthy master.

Season 03, Episode 4 – “Letting It Go”
The team investigates the murder of an alleged rapist. Elsewhere, Rusty catches his mother in a lie and questions her motives.

Season 03, Episode 5 – “Do Not Disturb”

A murder in a HOTEL room is investigated in a case that comes with potential international repercussions. Elsewhere, Rusty mulls over how to share a big secret with the squad.

Season 03, Episode 6 – “Jane Doe #38”

A young runaway is murdered, leading the unit on a long, perplexing odyssey to find her killer and discover her identity. Elsewhere, Raydor reaches out to her husband (Tom Berenger) to discuss a big proposition involving Rusty.

Season 03, Episode 7 – “Two Options”
The shooting deaths of an elderly couple in their home prompts the team to join forces with the Special Operations Bureau to track down a deadly predator prowling Los Angeles and taking hostages along the way.

Season 03, Episode 8 – “Cutting Loose”

The star of a cop show becomes the prime suspect in the murder of a fan. The fact that Major Crimes member Mike Tao serves as a consultant on the show further complicates the case. Luke Perry guest stars.

Season 03, Episode 9 – “Sweet Revenge”

The team are all working overtime as they investigate the murder of a tech entrepreneur. When Raydon’s son comes to visit, Rusty struggles. Fritz prepares to take charge.

Season 03, Episode 10 – “Zoo Story”

Young women begin to vanish from a popular nightclub, resulting in a territorial war between Major Crimes and the Special Operations Bureau. Meanwhile, Fritz Howard deals with poor health, and Rusty’s mother struggles with personal issues.

Season 03, Episode 11 – “Down the Drain”

One person is left dead when a surrogate adoption turns complicated. Meanwhile, the division investigates the city’s underground water system, and Sharon sharpens focus on making Rusty an official part of her family.

Season 03, Episode 12 – “Party Foul”
A wild teen party turns violent when two people are brutally attacked with a pair of scissors. Meanwhile, Provenza’s life is forever altered when he meets someone.

Season 03, Episode 13 – “Acting Out”
A former child star is found dead, and the actor’s director and his manager surface as suspects. Meanwhile, Flynn’s daughter visits, and the truth about Sharon and Flynn’s relationship comes to light.

Season 03, Episode 14 – “Trial By Fire”
A gang member is acquitted and released from custody, leading to criminal complications. Meanwhile, Rusty’s crush visits the station.

Season 03, Episode 15 – “Chain Reaction”
Santa robs a bank, and his apprehension is complicated by a Santa flash mob. Meanwhile, Sharon’s children arrive for the holidays, and Buzz begins training as a backup officer.

Season 03, Episode 16 – “Leap of Faith”
Flynn tries to negotiate with a man holding on to the ledge of a bridge, only to discover horrifying information about the jumper. Meanwhile, old wounds surface when Rusty prepares an impact statement.

Season 03, Episode 17 – “Internal Affairs”
Sanchez is scrutinized when his mother’s caregiver is murdered. Elsewhere, Jack arrives at Sharon’s condo and acts recklessly, forcing Rusty to take action.

Season 03, Episode 18 – “Special Master Part One”
Part 1 of 2. Killer Philip Stroh (Billy Burke) returns, seeking a deal in return for his cooperation about “future murders.” The unit scrambles to decode the source of Stroh’s information while trying to prevent the deaths of three women.

Season 03, Episode 19 – “Special Master Part Two”
Conclusion. The division races to stop a serial killer who is targeting female sex workers in the Season 3 finale. Also: Killer Philip Stroh (Billy Burke) inches closer to achieving his ultimate deal.



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